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Mobile, AL is a culinary melting pot of traditional Southern soul and French backgrounds. This amalgamation of cultures has helped Chef Rod hone his culinary expertise while also giving him a distinctive style, unlike many other chefs. At a young age, Chef Rod started creating the culinary masterpieces of his heroes on the food network. Chefs like Bobby Flay, Rachel Ray, Anthony Bordain, and his idol, Emeril Legasse, have influenced Chef Rod to be the chef he is today. Whatever they made he would try his hardest to recreate.

He took up culinary in high school and continued to study at Bishop State College, in his hometown of Mobile, AL. There Chef Rod learned the importance of the basics. He also found solace in having other students that loved cooking as much as he did. It was a breath of fresh air and he quickly moved up the ranks of the classroom. Under the watchful eye of his professor Chef Douglas, the young chef continues to hone his skills.

After college, the eager chef was ready for the world. He worked in high-profile restaurants in his city of Mobile. But one day he decided to start his own culinary empire. He named it Flawless Catering.  Roderick struck out to Los Angeles where quickly grew his fame among the celebrities of the city. He cooked for athletes, movie stars, and socialites. It was a strategic marketing ploy where he knew if the public knew of his celebrity clientele that would prompt them to also contact him.

It worked! He stayed in LA for two years and then ventured to Atlanta. There he catered for the cast of television shows and also ramped up the celebrity catering and also added some prominent Fortune 500 companies to the roster. He now resides in Atlanta but he also travels for events such as weddings, large social gatherings, and even private catering for couples. He has something for everyone, you should book him one of these days.


" I have dedicated chefs, servers, and bartenders. All of which, are top of the line. We operate on a rotating system that I creating called the “Flawless System”. Without giving too much info: it’s a method where we take away the anxiety and fatigue of our coworkers. It’s ultimately the essence of team spirit and morale. "

— Chef Rod Smith Jr., Executive Chef


Flame Grilling/Smoking
New Wave Southern Comfort
All Things Seafood
Ice Carving

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